5 Steps to Keep your Eyeglasses Clean and in Top Shape

If you wear glasses,  you’ve likely asked or at some point wondered “ why are my glasses so dirty?

Like most people, you want to take care of anything you own that you value.  Your eyeglasses are no exception.  

We’ve heard it all:   

“I used Windex glass cleaner to clean my glasses”

“I used my shirt to wipe my lenses.”

These are a no no when it comes to keeping your glasses in top shape.    

Do’s to Keep your Eyeglasses Clean:

  1. Wet your lenses with water

  2. Spray your lenses with a lens cleaner or use warm soapy water to clean your lens

  3. Wipe your lenses with a clean microfiber cloth

  4. Place your lenses in the case when not in use

  5. Remove your glasses with both hands to prevent the temples from spreading


  1. Don’t clean your lenses with Windex or any glass cleaners. Using glass cleaners can damage the anti-reflective treatment or other lens treatments

  2. Don’t place your glasses face down on any surface.  This prevents scratches.

  3. Don’t use a paper towel or your shirt tail to wipe your glasses.  This also prevents scratching the lens treatment.

  4. Don’t leave your glasses in the car. Leaving your glasses or sunglasses in the car can cause the frame to warp and damage the lens treatment. 

Following the above do’s and don’t will prolong the life of your eyeglasses. Looking for new quality eyewear? Click here now to see our selection!