Four signs your child will be successful in contacts

Four signs your child will be successful in contact lenses.

One of the questions I get asked frequently by parents is “when is the right time for my child to wear contacts?”

And the answer varies because every child is different. I’ve had some 8 year olds do remarkably better than some teenagers. The decision for your child to wear contact lenses is not to be taken lightly. Some infants and toddlers wear contact lenses as a medical necessity.

However, below are some of the signs that may show that your child is ready.

1 | Your child is responsible doing chores at home

Wearing contact lenses is a huge responsibility not to be taken lightly. Does your child brush their teeth or make their bed without always been reminded? If your child is is responsible at home without constant reminder from you, he or she may be ready.


2 | Your child is motivated

Motivation plays a big role in your child ‘s success in wearing contact lenses. If your child is motivated, he or she will be willing to put in the work to make it wearing contact lenses a success.


3 | Your child cares about hygiene

Proper contact lens care is very crucial in preventing eye infections and keeping his/her healthy while wearing contact lenses. Daily disposable contact lenses are an option for children without having to worry about cleaning or purchasing solution.


4 | Your child is involved in sports

Contact lenses are a great option for children involved in sports. They won’t need to worry about lenses fogging up or breaking while playing. Also, periphery vision is much better.

All of the above signs need to be considered before deciding if your child is to ready to wear contact lenses.

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